Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chic Crafts: DIY Nail Polish Shelf

So for a long time I have been wanting to get my nail polish organized on a oh so popular shelf for them. These popular ones like the one below....are very expensive if you ask me. $36+? No, that price is not what I wanted to pay, so I decided to make my own that I could hang on my wall and that wouldn't cost $36. I looked and looked for a shelf and finally found one at a thrift store whose proceeds go to our local Humane Society for $4! I loved the price, but I didn't however like the color or embelishments on it, so I decided to paint it myself.

The Dolce & Gabana of Nail Polish racks...


This is the paint I used for the back and the sides. It says "antique white" but it is really like a beige/nude color. I've used it to paint giraffe print (this was the base color and I used dark brown for the spots) I wanted a touch of pink in there to match my desk...but I didn't want to go all out super girly, so I threw in a neutrual.

I got this brush at Michael's onsale for about $2.49? It works great!

All painted! This was after the first coat, I ended up doing about 2 more after.

This is the pink color I used...

After painting on the pink I had to go back and touch up the nude color and paint the sides nude aswell...

This is after the touch-ups and before the Varnish. I was watching Celebrity you can see with Dr. Drew in the background LOL

All done! This project was so simple and only took me a couple hours one night, and a few the next morning. I kind of spread out the polishes here, but I can also double them up on the same shelf and make two rows because of how deep there are. :)

I also did another DIY a few weeks ago. I took a key holder, painted black, and bedazzled it to turn it into a necklace :)

I hope you enjoyed my post about DIY's :) I love doing them and should do some more posts about crafts...hopefully :) I would also like to mention that no matter if I am doing posts a lot, or only once a month, I am going to try to update my "nail polish now" which is on the right side of this blog under my "about me". It will list what nail polish I am wearing, since this does seem to change a lot :)



Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fourth of July Looks!

Hey y'all!
Happy early fourth of July! I LOVE fourth of July. Ever since I was young it has been one of my favorite holidays. This year, now that I am a blogonista and youtubinista...I am doing some looks for fourth of July for you all! So far...I have done one nail look and one makeup look...but who knows where the week will take me and if I do some more looks. But for now....let's look at my nail art!

Nail Look:

Not sure what's up with this whole funky flash on my camera...but for this look I did a red on blue leopard look. I have been wanting to do a tutorial on how to do leopard...and thought this would be the perfect time! It gives you patriotic spirit without going overboard with stripes and dots. For the toned-down fashionista.


"Long Kiss" by China Glaze-red

"Static Electricity" by L.A. Colors Color Craze-base blue


Makeup Look:

I'm all red, white, and blue with this blue smokey eye featuring a white eye duct with glitter and candy apple red lips.

Our country the tutorial I made I actually sing a bit of a country tune...

Items Used:


e.l.f. eyelid primer

White eyeliner by NYC

Royal blue color by...Giovanni??? (old palette from ROSS)

"Monastary" black eyeshadow by Kat Von D.

Neutral highlight by Giovanni??? (old palette from ROSS)

Eyeliner and shadow stick by e.l.f. (used liner)

Glitter gel "Sparkle effects" by Sally Girl (Sally Beauty Supply)

"Pearly White" glitter by Sally Girl (Sally Beauty Supply)


Mineral Foundation by Sephora in Light

Bo-Ing Concealer by Benefit in 01

Countouring Bronzer by e.l.f.



"Red Flame" by NYC


Thank you all so much for checking out my blog! I will be doing an outfit of the day and blog post about my Fourth of July! Love you all!



Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Interior Fashion: Window Part 1

So I'm not completely finished with this project yet, but I'm so excited with it, that I wanted to do this post! Although school is finished for the year now, when I was still in school, I was taking interior design. For that class at the end of the year, we had to do a "project of choice", like refurbishing something. I chose to refurbish an old window into a piece of decor. I got my window from a giant wearhouse that has tons of stuff from old houses. I wanted my window to be destressed, antiquey and kind of "shabby chic" looking for when I redecorate my room. I chose a black and white colored theme for it, mixing destressed and glamorous styles. So, here are some pictures of my journey so far...

Step 1:

Sand and Clean

Step 2:

Glue In Mirror Pieces to One Pane

Step 3:

Tape For Glazing (it is important to glaze or wet sand and re-paint old pieces incase of lead paint)

Step 4:

Add the Rest Of The Accessories!

In a follow-up post, I will add more detailed pictures and will have pictures placed in the two empty panes. I know this is short and sweet...but that's just the way I role! ;)



Monday, May 30, 2011


Last week was the last full week of school for this year, and "homegoing week". Homegoing week is kind of like homecoming week. We have different dress up days each day and have different activities and assemblies going on. One of the days was "80's day"! This was also the only day where my camera was cooperating with me enough for me to get pictures of my outfit! I also did a video with this look and a makeup tutorial for the makeup I did. If you want to see that...go here: is my outfit I picked out!

Do you like my extremely messy room? LOL. So I'm wearing a pink tank top, an old sweatshirt that I cut up and bleached to 80's-fy it, swim shorts, leggings, pink rayband-style sunglasses by Playboy, and later added some gray Converse to my feet.

Crazy makeup!

How did I get my sweatshirt like that? It was a long journey. First I cut the neck and sleeves, and then I balled it up using rubber bands to secure it. Next, we put it in a giant pot with bleach.
Of course we had to run out of bleach and then go to the store to get more after of course trying toilet cleaner. My life is average. LOL

We let it sit all night. Finally, it came out gray. Not exactly what I wanted, but it worked!

So what is your favorite decade? This week I will be dressing up for the 90's for a project. I'll make sure to take pictures and post them!



Sunday, May 22, 2011


A few weeks ago my mother and I started selling avon as a "team" although she calls it my "puppy". I love their clothes, jewelry, everything....but I don't really use their makeup. I have before, and I liked it...but then I thought...why don't younger people use Avon? Everyone I see on YouTube and blogs don't use Avon. At least everyone I've seen doesn't. I wanted to know why. I'm not by any means trying to "sell my products" with this post, just discussing why people don't use it.
Avon does have a lot of pros, like:

  • It's all made in America

  • It's not tested on animals

  • They work with people that have sensitive skin
So why not? I think it's because people think it's for older people, but it's not. It's for any age, and it's inexpensive too. I don't know about anyone else, but I really don't like having to pay $50 for an eyeshadow palette, no matter how good it is. And even if you don't like the eye shadows Avon carries, they have tons of other products for lips and face too. After thinking about all this, I'm going to try Avon too. I'll be doing posts per campaign with avon to tell what special items or sales are going on that campaign. I don't want people to feel pressured or like I am a infomercial. I just want people to see how cool Avon is! But don't worry! I will be doing other posts and videos about things besides avon! If you want to look at the items from Avon, you can go to my store at: . I can't wait for summer, and even before because school is actually slowing down somewhat so I have more time....kind of ;)


Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring Nails

There are a lot of trends this spring. One being in color choices. I am really loving pastelly colors this spring/summer...especially ones on a good deal. I got these colors when they were "buy 2 get one free" at Sally Beauty Supply. I love going all "Olga Kay style" (only YouTube nerds will know what I'm talking about...if her!) and doing one nail in one color and the rest in the one color. It gives creativity and something different. I've been told that "it doesn't matter"...but if you are a fashionista like does. Here are my favorite far :)

What are your favorite pastels...or spring trends in general?



Saturday, April 16, 2011

OPI Review: Katy Perry and Shattered

I could not wait to get the new Katy Perry OPI nail polish. After searching around, I finally found hour away while I was at the mall. I found it in the JC Penny's salon. They were buy one get one half off at the time I got not only Shattered (which was like a "duh I'm getting it!") but I also got Teenage Dream. I couldn't wait to try them out, and after having the polishes for a few weeks, I am finally ready to write an honest and complete review on them.

I've been starting my nail painting routine by applying Nutra Nail to strengthen them and help them grow. I have no idea where I got this, but it's been helping a lot!

It's good as just a plain coat too because it's glossy.

At first, I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy this. Most of the time, you see really glittery nail polishes, and then when you try them out there is barely any glitter..but not with this polish! It's jam packed with glitter each swipe of polish. Even with one swipe, your nail is pink tinted, glittery, and glossy.

I've been waiting so long to try this! Now they are coming out with one colored silver. This one is colored the silver you see on the handle of the bottle would be the background color. Whatever color you put on first (this time it's the Teenage Dream) would be where the silver is...does that make sense? China Glaze is also coming out with something like this in different colors called "Cracked" I believe...and right now at Sally Beauty all nail polish is buy 2 get one free! They didn't have the Cracked at my Sally Beauty :(

OK, so this is a little out of order...but anyhoo..this is after three coats of the Teenage Dream. You need a few coats to get a solid color look.

OK, so now time for the Shattered. Apply only one coat after the first nail polish is COMPLETELY dry. My friend Amanda was with me at the mall when we got the polish and we got some for our friend Astraea who has been dying to try it too. After I looked at their's and mine in comparison..I think I noticed that the polish looks better on OPI polish. It didn't work as well on their nail polishes. Have you tried it on other brands? Did it work out?

It's starting to shatter!

This was the finished look BEFORE I cleaned up the edges of my fingers...but after a clear coat. The clear coat is key because otherwise the shattered looks like of rough. I love this polish! Both of them! I can't wait to try the shattered with other colors! OPI can be a bit spendy, so compare prices when shopping for it and check out eBay too. I can't wait to try out the China Glaze polish and do a comparison post. Shattered vs. Cracked!