Friday, September 17, 2010

Toy Story Aliens NAIL TUTORIAL

OK, so, I decided to do a little tutorial about "Toy Story" alien nails. I have been doing them to my nails, and have found little tips and tricks to make them look great. I am only using my webcam for these, so the pics aren't that detailed, but I think you get the it goes!

Apply a top coat, I use "Beauty Secrets Hardener"

Apply a light blue, like the suits on the Aliens from Toy Story. I use "LA Colors:Electric Blue" After this dries, apply another top coat.

Apply a thick curved line to represent the heads of the aliens. For the green, you want it to be a martiany green. I used "Sinful Colors Professional:Innocent"

Next, Apply a thin dark blue line to represent a collar. I used "Sinful Colors:Midnight Blue" To apply the thin line, you can use a pencil, or just a thin brush from an "Art Deco" bottle.

Next, take your white, I used "Sinful Colors:Snow Me White"(just your basic white) and use a mechanical pencil to dip it in it and then apply 3 little dots on the green "head" for the whites of the eyes.

After this, one again use your mechanical pencil to apply some black to the inside of they eyes. Let it dry, apply a top coat, and you are done!!!!!

It's super easy, fun, and you will get tons of compliments!

Tip of the day:
Use everyday materials like penicls, to help you create! No need to buy the expenisive tools!

Emilea(the "Fashionista")

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  1. i think it's really cool that you made a blog and such.... i would think it takes a great deal of motivation, confidence, and skill to do such a thing at your age. keep it up and i really do hope that you can reach your goal as a fashion artist.