Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome, November!

November is here, Halloween is done and over with. My Halloween weekend consisted of seeing Paranormal Activity 2, visiting family, having a few friends over to watch a movie, hang out, and we ended up going "Trick Or Treating"! I got lots of candy. I haven't been trick or treating for three years, I forgot what it was like! Still waiting for my code from Fandango to get a free download of Paranormal Activity from iTunes since I purchased my tix online...I also made some deserts like I normally do for my little party. Here are a few pictures of me...once again, I was a "Glam Witch".

I got my hat at Kmart, thought it was going to be on sale since everything else was, but it wasn't :(

Most of my makeup I used was from the "Fantasy Makers" kit. Including the fake eyelashes...first time using them and not the most fun! They wouldn't stick(they were the self-adhesive ones)and I finally used clear nail polish to get them to stick. My mom's idea...don't try it at home. It burns your eyes.

I made my "annual finger cookies" and a new cupcake recipe I never tried using Milano cookies as gravestones and oreos as "dirt".

I hope your Halloween was good! This week I am looking forward to trying to get up posts on my arty cardy and my new China Glaze polishes that just came in! I know that sounds a little weird...but China Glaze also sent me an interesting "free gift"...stay tuned!


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