Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Best Part About The Grammys Is The Fashion!

Ok, so after watching one of my favorite shows, Fashion Police, I'm pretty sure I know who I think was the best dressed at the Grammys 2010. Lea Michele from Glee! Her fun black cocktail-ish dress was age appropriate, fun, flattering, and perfect for the Grammys! Today, I also realized that patchs on pants...only are ok on certain pants! Just random patches from scraps of random not chic unless you're a little kid! That's not my tip of the day, just an observation. I also realized that sometimes it's ok to match colors in your outfit with makeup, but not always. In my opinion, why not just bring out little colors that wouldn't be noticed in your makeup. Like a little blue clip in your hair...and blue eye shadow. Clever, huh? ;) And last but not least...

Best Dressed of Grammys: Lea Michele with her rouging, feathers, and black pumps! Adorable and hot!

Worst Dressed of Grammys: Brittney Spears with her cheap hooker-ish look. Eeeewww. Not saying she's crazy...but what was she thinking?! O and Ke$ha too...I get that the whole dumpster look is her style...literally...that's what she calls it...and I loved her dress and her makeup was ok, but her nails, rings, and random feathers and braids hanging from her hair made her look like a bird laid a nest in her hair.

Tip of the day: Think feathers! Not in your hair like Ke$ha...but skirts and dresses. Not coo-coo for feathers? I find that belts, scarves, and even earings are an easy way to incorperate them!

--Life is my fashion show

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