Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nails and Teen Vogue...

After painting my nails zebra print last night, and looking at everyone else's nails today, I realized that sometimes nails can be fashion too! I mean, it's kind of like the makeup thing, right? Sometimes matching, sometimes to bring out other colors. Solid colors are cool, but deffinately prints are cool as well. Here is a link to see what kinds of cool designs you can learn to do... . Also, today I'm going to be getting the Teen Vogue Hand Book! It's for ages 12 and up! It's perfect for fashion junkies or aspiring fashion works of designers, stylists, editors, all sorts! Check it out!

Tip of the day: Don't coordinate too much! It's too boring! If you have all of the same color(like black or blue, or even a bright color) throw in an accessory for a pop of color! Like a jewelry, hair accesory, or even shoes! Remember my second blog when I talked about make-up and bringing out other things with it!

--Life Is My Fashion Show

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