Friday, September 24, 2010

Splattered nails NAIL TUTORIAL

It's Friday! Yay!
This blog I'm doing a nail tutorial on how to get "splatter paint" nails. I've been debating on whether to do a video or pictures...but the pictures won due to the fact that my videos never come out clear, goes nothing! The captions/steps will go ONTOP of the picture it goes with.

1. Apply a top coat.

2. Apply a white as your base coat. I used "Sinful Colors Professional: Snow Me White"

3. Get one of your "splatter" colors...

4. And apply it in a dot somewhere on your nail, leaving enough room for the "splatter" parts.

5. Using a toothpic or mechanical pencil, pull some of the paint out in a "splatter design".

6. Apply a few dots around it to make it look like a few little splatters got around.

7. Let your previous color dry, then get another color.

8. Do "Step 4" again with your other color.


They are so easy, and if you have larger nails than me you can do multiple colors! You will get tons of compliments, and will feel like an artist! Do all your nails, or just a few! Thanks for reading! Comment and tell me how it goes!

Emilea(the "Fashionista")


  1. Heiii :) Wow this is a cool idea :) I tried and it worked but on my right hand it wass very difficult cause I write with right and not with my left hand was shaking :D check me out xxxNadine

  2. yes it can be hard with a different hand! Keep trying, practice makes perfect! xoxo Emilea