Thursday, September 2, 2010

There's An App. for Fashionistas!

The new saying "There's An App. For Everything" really is true. My blog today is about my new favorite app. called "stylebook"! It's like a closet in your pocket! Upload pictures of your clothing to your iphone or ipod touch and create outfits for different days! It's only $3.99! I love it because when I go shopping and I say "what could I wear this necklace with?" I can look through my clothes! Check it out! It's like playing with paper dolls with your own clothes. It's a really great investment. You don't need a fancy camera either, I did all my pictures just with my camera phone, and when you upload the pictures, it takes away the background.

Tip Of The Day:
Get the stylebok app!!!! Or, if you don't have a ipod touch or iphone, just create a picture folder of your clothes in your cellphone. It's a good makeshift app. Then your closet is at your fingertips anywhere you go!

Emilea(The Fashionista)
--My Life Is A Fashion Show ;)

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