Monday, November 22, 2010

My Favorite New Fashions: End of Fall/Early Winter

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Each year there are new trends and new designers along with that. This happens especially during fall and winter. These are things I have seen that I think are "to die for" ;) and that would be great with a Holiday outfit for your dinner with friends or family!

Motorcycle Jackets: Norma Kamali for Wal-Mart

What I love about this perticular jacket is the price! It's only $24 at Wal-Mart, which is surprisingly cheap, it's also not in leather, making it more comfortable!
Click here for website

Lace Tops: Rue 21

Lace is huge this year. This shirt is a tank-top, but if it is cold where you are this fall/winter like me(I'm hoping for snow tonight!)you could layer it. At Rue 21, this is only $19.99! It is also flowy making it great for any body type, and very forgiving.
Click here for website(this shirt is in the 5th row)

Sequin Tops: Rue 21

Sequin/shinny/glittery things are in, thanks to Lady Gaga and Ke$ha! ;) This is also a tanktop, so layer it up! This shirt is also at Rue 21 for only $19.99.
Click here for website(this shirt is in the 5th row)

Sequin Tops/Tunics: Forever 21

Another sequin top. This one could also be a tunic depending on your height. It would look great with skinny jeans, yoga pants, or leggings! Pair it with some boots to dress it up! Like the other sequin top, no jewelry is needed to go with it! This shirt is a little more expensive at $22.80, but it's so cute!
Click here for website

Dark Skinny Jeans: American Eagle

The next best thing to leggings are skinny jeans that go with anything! These are from American Eagle, which I'll be honest, I love them but I only buy when they have sales because they can be pricey, but I LOVE the way their jeans fit! They can look dressy, but still be comfortable! You can also dress them down with anything!
Click here for website

Pearls: Rue 21

One thing that NEVER gets old is pearls. They are very vintage and very chic. These are some bracelets for only $5.99! You can find them anywhere though!
Click here for website(this bracelet is in the 10th row)

These are just SOME of all the trends I am loving right now. They are also the only ones I could find that were afordable and had a website.

Thank you for the support! Happy Holidays!



  1. Just have to say..."I love reading your blog" You definately have a knack for it!!! Keep doin' it!!!

  2. Oh Mary, thank you! I love reading your's too!