Monday, December 6, 2010

Moroccan Hair Oil Update...New CHRISTMAS NAIL TUTORIAL

Hi guys! Over the weekend, I got a chance to make another tutorial, check it out! I also will be doing vlogs(video blogging) if I am doing something interesting and have my camera, so subscribe to me on YouTube!

Click for video

The other part of this blog is about that Moroccan Oil that came with my nail polish I ordered from Sally Beauty Supply. I finally decided to use it, after hearing it was really good..and it is! It smells delicious, like nothing you have ever smelt, and it keeps friziness down and makes your hair more moist without making it greasy. I have REALLY bad split ends right now, so I have been putting it on my tips of my hair and I think it has improved it's shine and health overall. My hair used to look like straw at the tips, but not it looks really nice. It's only been two days since I have started using it! Be sure that if you do get it, you don't use a lot though, or it will make your hair greasy. Also, don't put it up by your roots, they give out enough oil! Unless you hair is extremely dry up there. I haven't been blogging as often I guess, I kind of mention why in the video...I just started a new term in school too, and my classes are really easy, with barely no homework, but for some reason, I have been so exhausted lately. I think it's the holidays...

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Moroccan Argan Tree Oil

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