Sunday, December 12, 2010

How Much Is Too Much?-Glitter and Rhinestones...

So I really am not trying to do a post only when I have a video...this just keeps happening! But I did post a vlog..actually2! My first ones! We started at Pizza Hut, went to Pepsi Lights, and went to Storybook Land! Unfortunately, Amanda was already dropped off when we decided to go to Storybook Land, which is why she isn't in that part...but we still had fun! :) I got a new camera yesterday and am sooo excited to video tape and take pictures with it!

Click for my vlogs!'s post is about rhinestones and glitter. I was inspired to make my post about this because Saturday I was at the mall and was at this new store "Elise" or something like that. They had this top that SCREAMED "Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera circa 2000". It was bad. It was a white skimpy vest with rhinestones EVERYWHERE. Then I wondered why I didn't like it. I LOVE rhinestones. You should see some of my past cellphone covers....So I wanted to discuss how much is too much.
Personally, if it's on a phone cover, I don't care how many there are. It's a phone cover! On shirts and pants, is where I start getting picky and where it starts getting tacky. Like when it's a jean jacket covered in rhinestones...ick? Yes. I'm not trying to be negative...but it just doesn't look right! When it's jeans...I think pockets are OK. Studs are more in now anyway. I think it really depends on how tastefully done it is. The size, the colors, what else is on it. I mean, you have seen my past posts....I LOVE sequins right now. It's all up to the scenario. Rhinestones are not by any means "out", but watch out for going overboard. So where do you draw the line? I say, it starts when you buy a bedazzler. ;) Choose your opinion, then post it!

Rhinestones the right way:

A little bedazzle goes a long way! Love the broach on it too! See, a cute bedazzled jean jacket does exist! It's a Christmas miracle! ;)


It speaks for itself.

OK, this one's just for fun :) I found it on google under "Rhinestones gone wrong" WHAT?! THIS IS DEFINITELY RIGHT! ;)

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last year I got a bedazzler for Christmas, I thought it was broken so I took it back...I don't think it was broken though, I just couldn't figure out how to put it together....:)

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