Saturday, December 18, 2010

Is Vintage Fringe "Inge"?

Hi "bleeps"! That's what I call you by the way, my "bleeps" aka "blog peeps". The other day I was watching "Watch What Happens Live"...again on "Bravo!" network. Rebecca Romijn, who I know as playing Daniel Meade's brother-turned-sister on "Ugly Betty" was on it. She had this dress that had what she called "Vintage Fringe". So, that's my vintage fringe in?! Of course, in my title I had to make it rhyme by adding an extra "ge" to the end, but you get the point! I didn't realize it, but I have actually seen it alot. On purses, jackets....but for some reason, it just caught me. I also don't know if it is worthy of being vintage. I see vintage as like 40's or 50's style. Maybe even 60's...or MAYBE 70's...but it depends.
Take Bell Bottom pants with patches. Are they vintage? NO. Just bad fashion sense.
I'm actually likin' the fringe. I don't think it's great on everthing...but I do like it on purses! Maybe a few jackets. In my opinion, once we see it on shows and on fashion icons or just celebrities in general...we will start seeing it in stores near us. They are like the "trend-setters". We see everything on them first, even if the designers create it, the celebs inspire us. Do you want vintage fringe to be "inge"? Post your opinion!


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