Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Little Christmas Sparkle

So, as I did with Thanksgiving, I wanted to list different ideas for Christmas outfits. Obviously, not everyone can afford to, or actually does, just go buy a new outfit for Christmas. Let's be honest. Unless you are going to some fancy party, you probably want to just work with what you have...or atleast try to. are my favorite ideas/examples for Christmas!


More sparkle...and another thing that's in..STRIPES! This adorable Arty Cardy is not only ON SALE, but is something you could already have in your closet. If not, a plain cardy is good too paired with a busy shirt. Even more stripes!

This sparkly cover-up is so cute, and goes with everything.

VINTAGE FRINGE! I guess my point today is...Cardies are in! And can dress up anything. Although, this one might be used to dress down something.


Going with a little more casual look, and over-sized shirt is comfy, in style(especially with the leopard) and you can even make your own! Taking a shirt and cutting it to go off-the-shoulder is a cheap way to go DIY and it's easy. Pair it with leggings or dark-wash jeans!

Like these leggings!

This is a Paris-inspired look, I'm thinking. I love this whole outfit, but the item I am focusing on is the tunic. STRIPES!

This sweater-dress is a great example of something ANY body-type can wear. I might not be able to wear a snug tunic, like the last picture because of my height and stature, but this is something anyone, tall or short could wear.


This dress is for a more dressed up event. I love the jewlery in this look, it's great! You could dress down this look by wearing...and you really have to picture this right to get it...but a dark beanie. I know it sounds crazy, but it could work!


Dress up a simple outfit with a belt. If you are short like this, choose a skinny belt and do an empire waist look with this baby!

Taller? Use a thick belt.

I love it when people wear bright colors like this, that remind you of spring, in the winter.

Purple is a winter color. Any shade. Enough said.


I ABOSLUTELY LOVE THESE. They are great because of the little heel, especially if you are traveling alot. If you have big calves like me, the little cover/fold should hide it.

NUDE! Once again, enough said. Also, small heel! Don't pick something uncomfortable!

These are all examples! I hope that maybe atleast one person was inspired throught this for something...blogging inspires me does shopping! ;)


I have a Christmas-Inspired Makeup Tutorial on my YouTube Channel!

Striped Arty Cardie

Sparkly Cover-Up

Vintage Fringe

Slouchy Tops can be found at lots of stores, including Forever21

Leggings are also in lots of stores. I get mine at Wal*Mart, for example. The brand OP make very comfortable and non-see though ones!

Paris Tunic

This sweater dress, among other things, was found at, but I can't find it to list the link anymore!

Twinkle Dress

Skinny Belt

This thick belt, was originally found at I think they are sold out now, because I cannot find it anymore.

Pink Scarf

Purple Scarf


Nude Shoes

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