Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kat Von D: Tattoo Chronicals Vol. 1 (the new Bible)

It's been a while, but I am finally posting my HONEST review of the Tattoo Chronicals Vol. 1 by Kat Von D.

Kat Von D. is a makeup artist turned tattoo artist turned Reality TV star on her show L.A.

She has a makeup collection, and it was the last thing I expected to come home with after my visit to Sephora.

Sephora, for those who are new to beauty, is a beauty supply store with some of the most high-end makeup brands like Urban Decay, Too Faced, Benefit, Bare Minerals, Smashbox, and so much more.

Oh, they also have makeup by Kat Von D. ;)

When I walked in to Sephora, I was overwhelmed by all the beauty products and beauty consaltants that worked there. The first woman we spoke to showed us(my mother and I) around as we asked her about good foundations and concealers if you don't want to wear a lot. We kept looking around until a second woman walked up to us and said she wanted to show us "something". She brought us a Bare Minerals kit that was on sale since the holidays were over. We said we'd "think about it" and kept looking around. I didn't want to be rude of course, but the kit was around $50, I believe, and to be honest, I really hate mineral products. They are greasy, fall off your brush, and just aren't my favorite. That's just my opinion off of what I've used, but then again, I haven't used "the best of the best", so I guess one day I will just have to break down and buy an eye shadow to try.


Then, I saw it. We were looking at some other kits on sale that were on sale. One was the Kat Von D. one. The real selling point was that perfume also came with it, and that it came with 3 different primers that made the products really sparkle(one of the ladies gave us an example using a shadow and primer from the sample). I decided to buy it, for only $39, normally around $54 I believe? I LOVE this thing, right now I use it everyday. But, I really didn't expect to buy anything, let alone this. I thought maybe an Urban Decay palette or something, but I didn't expect to get this!

So....Here's the "real" review...

No, this is not how I store it ;)

When you first open it...

Next page...

"Title Page"

The makeup.

Underneath the palette, is her perfume. It's double sided. One is sweet called "saint" and the other is a spicier scent "sinner" because...

"every woman has two sides"

The primers that match with certain eyeshadows. "skin" with neutrals, "stellar" with sparklier colors, and "smokey" with darker colors...


Swatches on my hand.

The softies...


The "sinners"? ;)

You can really tell how much Kat Von D really cares about the products she puts out there. The writing in it seemed very personal and you really thought you were looking at a book. When I saw the sample I was like "where's the makeup, dude?" The quality is amaing. My only "problem" or "comment" about it is that the colors are a little powdery. I mean, duh they are eye shadow, but your brush can kind of tear the colors up...if that makes sense? I still LOVE this palette no matter what, though. The colors are so fun. They are all pretty sparkly, because what girl doesn't like sparkles? I hope that if you have the chance, that you buy this palette. It is my go-to for eye shadow right now!

Until next time...:)



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