Friday, March 18, 2011

Last Week's Fashion

This week has been a little hectic. I started new classes at school and was only able to go to them for three days before I came down with a viral cold. :( I wasn't able to do a post about some of my fashion from last week...which was very interesting! I went back to the Fashion Bug in my area since it's going out of business and found a few things. I used them throughout the week.

You can't see it perfectly (this is using my webcam) but I got a layered gray leopard tank top and boyfriend blazer with studs. Both from Fashion Bug. Both on sale! The blazer for example was regularly around $40, onsale for $8.99! The jeans are from Maurice's, although, they weren't onsale :(

That weekend, I had a fundraising event I was helping out with. I used the blazer with a black dress I got from ROSS for $9.99, black striped tights, and Franco Sarto heals. The dress could be casual or dressed up like this!

My weekend got topped off with visiting my little Avery A.K.A. Ava! I went to my sister's to see my new little niece again! She was sleeping though, so I didn't get to hold her. She slept through us taking pictures and oohing and ahhhing over her though! She's such a little model ;)

I am looking forward to doing outfit of the day/week posts on here to include my blog in everyday things more often. I should be taking pictures of my outfits everyday...the good, the bad, and the get ready! It's gonna be Emilea's Outfits Uncensored! (the uncensoring will be my lazy days...get your head out of the gutter!) ;) This will hopefully start tomorrow when I go shopping!

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