Sunday, March 20, 2011


I went shopping! Yay! So I made a day of it to go shopping and spend some of my birthday money. I hit up a few stores with my mom in the Valley River Center mall in Eugene, Oregon...we need to go back because I forgot to check out Charlotte Russe! Can you believe it?! OK, anyhoo...Here's the stuff I got!

First, we went to Sephora. We got there so early nothing else was open yet. :(

The first thing I got was foundation. The consultant matched my skin in a Lorac foundation and applied it to my face so I could see if I liked it. Then, she told us that really I should just get the Sephora brand because a. it was cheaper, and b. she didn't think I needed Lorac since I am only 16. I liked her opinion! Lorac was $36 and this was $10!

She also matched me in this concealer and applied in to my face. I love it! I have seen other beauty gurus use it and I was actually planning on buying it anyways...and seeing it in person made me think no different! It's amazing!

While I was there, the consultant asked me what I use to clean my face. I told her I used an apriocot scrub and she wasn't surprised. Most the people use that thinking it's good...but it's actually not! She said it was too abrasive for my skin and that if I was going to use a scrub to make sure the scrubbies (what I call the balls in the wash) are more sphreical. She set me up with this cleanser. So far I really like it!

Next, I went to Victoria's Secret with a coupon in hand!

I had a $10 off coupon, so I ended up getting this spring/summer football jersey shirt. Love it!

I also got this lipgloss with my free lipgloss coupon!

Right now they are handing out these rewards cards that have one of four amounds of money on them. When you get to a check out you see how much is on it and will save money on your buy! Woohoo! Can't wait to go back and see what's on it! I saw a nice little hoodie I'd like to buy without having to spend $80!

Last but not least, I had to go to Forever 21! I'd never been!

OK, so I need a new camera...but anyways...I got these super cute black shorts! All the sizes at these stores are like European so I had to figure out mine..but they had it! They fold up at the bottom and I love them so much! They were only like $11!

Next I got jewelry. A Cameo necklace, vintage blue necklace, and feather earrings. Both the necklaces are shorter styled. Love them! Can't wait to wear them with something casual!

My mom bought these for me! Aren't they cute? They are Hello Kitty tissues! She said they reminded her of me ;)

So I cannot wait to go back and check out these stores some more! Especially Forever 21! I'm so glad I went! Please check out my YouTube channel! I finally got my video of a bronzer review up! I didn't figure out my new programs...but atleast I got it up!



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