Monday, March 21, 2011

EOU-Emilea's Outfits Uncensored 3/21/11

Happy Spring Break everyone! I'm starting mine with blog posts and videos! Yay! OK, so this post is a "Emilea's Outfits Uncensored" post about my outfit for this day. Hopefully, I will be doing them everyday from now on...let's pray!

Today's Outfit:

"80's and 1800's"

In this outfit I'm wearing skinny jeans from Old Navy, an oversized shirt from KMart, two sports bras(there is a specific name for them but can't think of it now) from KMart, and oversized cameo necklace from forever 21. I was going for the 80's look with the big shirt...but it kept sliding down and soon my whole look changed. I liked this though! I know some might consider it to be "riskay" that my bra is showing..but it looks like an under shirt! And it is just a few sports bras..and awesome ones at that! You can wear them like ten different ways!

Cose up of makeup. Just my usual foundation routine and some gold/brown makeup from my Kat Von D. palette.

Say what???

What else I'm up to today:

New video on YouTube:


Whether it's the 80's or the 1800's...we are always trying to catch up with the trends that were actually before us.



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