Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chic Crafts: DIY Nail Polish Shelf

So for a long time I have been wanting to get my nail polish organized on a oh so popular shelf for them. These popular ones like the one below....are very expensive if you ask me. $36+? No, that price is not what I wanted to pay, so I decided to make my own that I could hang on my wall and that wouldn't cost $36. I looked and looked for a shelf and finally found one at a thrift store whose proceeds go to our local Humane Society for $4! I loved the price, but I didn't however like the color or embelishments on it, so I decided to paint it myself.

The Dolce & Gabana of Nail Polish racks...


This is the paint I used for the back and the sides. It says "antique white" but it is really like a beige/nude color. I've used it to paint giraffe print (this was the base color and I used dark brown for the spots) I wanted a touch of pink in there to match my desk...but I didn't want to go all out super girly, so I threw in a neutrual.

I got this brush at Michael's onsale for about $2.49? It works great!

All painted! This was after the first coat, I ended up doing about 2 more after.

This is the pink color I used...

After painting on the pink I had to go back and touch up the nude color and paint the sides nude aswell...

This is after the touch-ups and before the Varnish. I was watching Celebrity you can see with Dr. Drew in the background LOL

All done! This project was so simple and only took me a couple hours one night, and a few the next morning. I kind of spread out the polishes here, but I can also double them up on the same shelf and make two rows because of how deep there are. :)

I also did another DIY a few weeks ago. I took a key holder, painted black, and bedazzled it to turn it into a necklace :)

I hope you enjoyed my post about DIY's :) I love doing them and should do some more posts about crafts...hopefully :) I would also like to mention that no matter if I am doing posts a lot, or only once a month, I am going to try to update my "nail polish now" which is on the right side of this blog under my "about me". It will list what nail polish I am wearing, since this does seem to change a lot :)



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