Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fourth of July Looks!

Hey y'all!
Happy early fourth of July! I LOVE fourth of July. Ever since I was young it has been one of my favorite holidays. This year, now that I am a blogonista and youtubinista...I am doing some looks for fourth of July for you all! So far...I have done one nail look and one makeup look...but who knows where the week will take me and if I do some more looks. But for now....let's look at my nail art!

Nail Look:

Not sure what's up with this whole funky flash on my camera...but for this look I did a red on blue leopard look. I have been wanting to do a tutorial on how to do leopard...and thought this would be the perfect time! It gives you patriotic spirit without going overboard with stripes and dots. For the toned-down fashionista.


"Long Kiss" by China Glaze-red

"Static Electricity" by L.A. Colors Color Craze-base blue


Makeup Look:

I'm all red, white, and blue with this blue smokey eye featuring a white eye duct with glitter and candy apple red lips.

Our country the tutorial I made I actually sing a bit of a country tune...

Items Used:


e.l.f. eyelid primer

White eyeliner by NYC

Royal blue color by...Giovanni??? (old palette from ROSS)

"Monastary" black eyeshadow by Kat Von D.

Neutral highlight by Giovanni??? (old palette from ROSS)

Eyeliner and shadow stick by e.l.f. (used liner)

Glitter gel "Sparkle effects" by Sally Girl (Sally Beauty Supply)

"Pearly White" glitter by Sally Girl (Sally Beauty Supply)


Mineral Foundation by Sephora in Light

Bo-Ing Concealer by Benefit in 01

Countouring Bronzer by e.l.f.



"Red Flame" by NYC


Thank you all so much for checking out my blog! I will be doing an outfit of the day and blog post about my Fourth of July! Love you all!



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