Monday, February 15, 2010

Finding A Bargain!

Don't worry. I don't officially call myself a blogger, especially since I don't blog EVERYDAY, but I mean, I don't want blogging to be something that I have to make myself do, it should be fun right? Even though I'm not talking about sailing across the world, I hope I can still have a good blog, and more than 1 follower. Anyways, over the weekend I went to a local Goodwill. A lot of people wouldn't be caught dead in one, but in this economy, we should be doing more than just going there for "Nerd Spirit Day" at work and school. I found a BRAND NEW soft sweater, perfect to go with leggings for $8!!!! It's not gross, and a lot of their stuff is new. I'm not asking you to buy a bed there, just try to look for deals! They even have new converse there! I'm not a converse girl, but if you are, look there. I also found gorgeous pointed-toe boot/heels. They are adorable! And guess how much...$5!!! It's not about where you get it, it's about what you get!

Tip of the day: You guessed it! Shop at Thrift Stores. Even "Real Housewives" have been seen shopping at places like "Recycled Rags" in Cali! It's chic!

--My Life Is A Fashion Show

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