Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Ribbons are sooo in! Personally, I make my own hair ribbons that go on hair clips. People are also in with just wrapping them around their head. Another thing that's in with ribbons, tops! Ribbons going around the waiste are super stylish these days! I think it all ties in with the whole highwaiste belts(vintage)thing. One other thing that I would like to discuss today...boys. Their style...eewww. Well, some of them anyways. You see, it's been a debate for a while about their pants and the way they wear them. One of my friends today even questioned "WHO MADE UP THAT ANYWAYS?!" I mean really, she has a point, who actually came up with the whole "I'm gonna show my butt to the world" thing?! And the worse part, THEY ATTEMPT TO PULL THEM UP! It must show that they have fashion sense though because they still wear belts. Which is obviously for show right? People always told me boys were complicated...but never told me how much their style was...

Tip of the day:
3 words: BRING. BACK. GREASE! No, not the hair stuff, the movie! Notice how all the girls wear highwasited pencil skirts(vintage, kind of what we wear now) and little scarves around their neck? BRING IT BACK! Wear little scarves! Take a risk to bring back a fashion flair!

--My Life Is A Fashion Show

P.S. I am very exhausted and my throat hurts, so if you see any spelling know why. ;)

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