Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just a quick little blog...about my blog about yesterday?

So, I thought I would do a nice little favor by listing places where you can get the items I talked about yesterday...when you are on a bit of a budget(aren't we all). First though, I would like to state that you could get all of them at thrift stores...even good will. I got some "boyfriend plaid" there, so check it out!

Boyfriend blazer-Forever 21

Boyfriend plaid-American Eagle ,

Nerd glasses-Amazon...and other stores such as claires, Rue21... ,

Lady Gaga bows-Claires, pretty much any of your favorite stores that have hair accesories.

Flashdance Style Sweatshirts-I saw these at Rue21, but once again they are coming back instyle so they are at alot of clothing stores, check out your favorite! You can also very easily make one by cutting a sweatshirt up is a link to a page on it

Stay tuned for another/more post(s)later this week. One of them will be about Emmy's Primetime fashion!!!

Tip of the Day:
Dress up an outfit with dark washed jeans. If you need a nice dressy outfit quickly and don't have slacks, just use a pair of dark washed jeans with a dressy shirt/blouse!!! You can also use these jeans on a daily basis!!!!

Emilea(The "Fashionista")
--My Life Is A Fashion Show ;)

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