Monday, August 30, 2010

Long Time No See!!! And BTS(Back-To-School)

I understand it has been so long since I have been on this blog, but I want to get it started again! Today's topic is all about back-to-school fashions and what's going to be "in". Some things you will probably already be in your closet, and others, won't. 2011 will be a journey back in time for our fashion.

What's in:
The "boyfriend blazer"-You don't even have to have a boyfriend for this! A new style of blazer called the "boyfriend blazer" is a nice comfy blazer that can dress up any outfit. Good for all bodytypes, especially tall ones.

The "boyfriend plaid"-Once again a super comfy look. Plaid is coming back from the 70's! Layer it up with a tank top! Available everywhere!

The "nerd glasses"-1950's glasses. They are glasses with either no lense, or just a clear one in them, the new accesorie for both guys and gals!

The "lady gaga bows"-Oversized bows inspired by "Lady Gaga", maybe not as big as the ones she wears, but not the small ones either! These can be for all ages, but if you are of the older persuasion, make sure to tone it down with a dark color, and not HOT PINK!

The "flash dance sweatshirts"-Flashdance style sweatshirts from the 80's. give it a layered look with a shirt underneath. Personally, I prefer the ones you just wear with jeans, but if you want a more lounge look, you can get the oversized ones and pair it with some leggings.

Tip of the Day:
For easy makeup when you are in a hurry, curl your eyelashes and do some quick mascara. It will only take a few minutes and it will make your eyes sparkle. :)

--My Life Is A Fashion Show!!!

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