Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hi, my name is Emilea, and I'm a foot nudist.

So I'm guessing your reaction from the title is "WHAT?!!!". Yeah. Me too. But I have had an epiphany. I really don't like to wear shoes! Like, high heels are fun sometimes, but not all the time. Plus, shoes can be uncomfortable sometimes, plus they are EXPENSIVE. Unless I see a really cute pair of non-sandalish shoes, I pretty much stick to sandals. OK, enough of my shoephobia, more on cute shoes :) that are AFFORDABLE. So, I'm going to list tips on getting affordable shoes, whether you like them or not :)

Stock up. Go to all the sales even if it's for a different season. So suppose it's turning into spring. Go to the sales! They are clearancing off all the winter stuff! You can get cheap boots!

Go to thrift stores. It seems really gross, but look for shoes that are new! Sometimes you can find shoes that are literally new that people donate!

Get COUPENS!!!(coupons, I just say it funny ;)) Google coupons for your favorite shoe store!

And.....always check out those BOGO and just plain shoe sales. They're great!

Emilea(the "fashionista" ;))
--My Life Is A Fashion Show....just maybe not a shoe fashion show ;)

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  1. hahaha!! you are SUCH a girl emilea!!! leave it to you to turn wearing NO shoes into paragraphs of ideas for shoe SALES :) keep it up though, i like your style!