Saturday, October 16, 2010

Being sick is SO not chic

I am SOOO sick right now!
So, I am really sick. It's like that respiratory thing I get every fall. Tonsils swollen, glands swollen, sinus headache, nose plugged...I can't taste ANYTHING!!! :( I couldn't even enjoy looking for a costume today! I think I will try again tomorrow. I didn't even get a cardigan to make another "arty cardy" so I think I'll try again with my old one and just take the stuff off of it. Anyway, this is just kind of a little post to say "Hi". When I have time on the weekends, I try to do blog posts because I normally get pretty busy during the week. OH! Also, today I got these adorable little Hello Kitty earphones in the mail. I ordered them on eBay for $.99 with free shipping! They were from overseas but they work great! Very chic. I love Hello Kitty. I will have to post a picture later. If you are sick like me I wish you well...

Be a recessionista! If you are in a bind, store bought costumes are great, but try to make your own and go to a thrift store! Sadly, I couldn't find anything at the ones I tried use my other tip....get your store costume right before Halloween. The less time left until Halloween=MORE SALES!!! AND MORE $ SAVED!!!!

Emilea the "Fashionista" turned "Recessionista" ;)

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