Friday, October 15, 2010

Ghostly/Scream nails-HALLOWEEN NAIL TUTORIAL #2

So this is kind of a quick little blog on another nail tutorial. This is by far the easiest nail tutorial I have done. It's inspired by one of my favorite movie series SCREAM...btw SCREAM 4 out this Spring! EEEEEKKK! So excited! Anyhoo...If you have longer/bigger nails to work with, you can really make it a better nail piece by elongating the eyes and mouth but this is what I came up with!

1)Apply a top coat.

2)Apply a white.

3)Get some black nail polish and pour some out onto a paper towel, tray you don't care about, or in my craft table!

4)Start to create your eyes.

5)Start to paint on your mouth...and then you are done! You can seal with a top-coat!

Thanks so much for checking out today's nail tutorial! Like I said, depending on the length and size of your nails you can do whatever! Tip from my mom:Put your hands in ice water after painting on your nail polish to help them dry quicker. It freezes it! I hope you all enjoy your weekend, I mean, I know I will what will all my homework and Halloween shopping I have to do! ;)


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