Monday, October 25, 2010

SALE ALERT! And update!

Hi guys,
just wanted to let you know that there is a large sale on China Glaze nail polish over at I just ordered some new colors on Saturday, got free shipping too! See, I have a beauty club card or something like that...I think it only costs like a one time $5 fee, and you get TONS of savings. Since I was a member, the polish I got was only $3.29 each as opposed to $4.49 each or $5.99 each! It's a great investment! After I get my new colors I will be doing one more nail tutorial for Halloween this week(hopefully):) Still haven't found time to do my arty carty:( but can't wait to find the time! I have been trying to fix my blog layout, it makes me so frustrated that it doesn't look perfect. The "twitter widget" is sticking out, you can barely see the backgroud...had to take off my's terrible. Anyhoo, while I was looking for backgrounds, I found this picture...looks like someone got inspired themselves...

see/write you all later this week!


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