Friday, October 8, 2010


Its sweater season!

I want to first off start by saying that this week at Old Navy there is a sale on coats and sweaters! Cardigans are onsale online and instore adult jackets are $16 and kids $15! It's a GREAT deal! Next, I'm now obsessed with cardigans and "arty cardies"!

Definition of arty cardie: Arty Cardigan. Cardigan sweater with embelishments such as beads and buttons, appliques.

They can be so expensive. So...DIY it! Ok so I'm a bit of a craft freak...but it can be fun! Just take a plain cardigan and put beads or buttons or anything on it! Stay away from things like googley eyes and kids appliques that say things like "Awesome Possum!" but other than that, just get things from around the house! Blog on an arty cardie that I made coming soon! Also nail tutorials for this Halloween! Only 22 more days and I'm yet to find a costume! What should I be? Comment! I love new ideas!

Thanks for the support!

Emilea(The "Fashionista") ;)

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