Saturday, November 20, 2010

A New Outfit For Under $30

Last weekend I got to go "winter shopping" for a bit. Originally I wanted to get some boots and maybe a new pair of jeans or something. After looking at Ross: Dress For Less and Fashion Bug(who in my area is going out of business :()I found 2 tops and a pair of boots. They all happened to be part of an amazing outfit!

The striped top underneath is by the brand: "Weaver". It has a pocket on it aswell, and the sleeves are long but can be buttoned up. The cardigan/shall(cardishall?) is by the brand: "hip. happening in the present" and is adorned with studs on the shoulders.

The boots were by Fashion Bug, at Fashion Bug. They have fur inside them and are very cozy. The lady at the store warned me, so I will warn you, if you get them, or any "Ugg-inspired" boots, make sure you get them a little snug because they will stretch.

The yoga pants I put with it were in my closet. They are by Victoria's Secret. When I originally wore this outfit, I wore it with some jeans, but then the idea of the yoga pants came to me. I really like them because they are comfortable and have more support than leggings. The whole outfit when you look at it, is inspired by one of my favorite fashion icons and celebrities, Kim Kardashian. Of course she would probably wear leggings, but I can totally wearing the stripes and studs combo. The best part is the price! Each shirt was on sale at Ross for $5.99. The boots were 30% off of $19.99, making them $13.75! The outfit(or the new parts) added up to only $25.71! It pays off to buy when things are on sale, and it pays off to look in clearance!

Tip of the day:
When shopping with going out-of-business-stores, ask when they are officially going out of business. The Fashion Bug isn't leaving until March. Everything is on sale now, but prices will go down week by week and month by month. If there is something you really want, get it while you can, but if not, wait to see the prices go down, down, down!


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