Friday, November 19, 2010

New Trend: The Hair-Wrapped Pony and Messy Pony

A new trend I have seen a lot on different movies and TV shows is the hair-wrapped pony tail. A piece of hair is wrapped around the pony to make it look like it's the only thing securing it. Whether there is actually a rubber band undernieth, or bobby pins are used to secure the piece of hair and the pony it's wrapping, it's an easy look that almost anyone can do. It may be easier to start by practicing the look on someone else, and then trying on yourself, but if you can braid your own hair, you can do this to yourself too!(I can't even braid my own hair and I can still do this!) I was born with board-straight hair. It also isn't very thick. I normally just wear it down because it's easier, and it's foolish to spend the 15 minutes curling it when it falls out anyway. If I ever feel like I want to put my hair up in a pony though, and have a few extra minutes to spare, I try to do this look. It dresses a simple pony up, you will feel like a movie star!

Another trend I've seen isthe simple "messy pony". The look works better if you have thick hair. I have tried and tried to do this look, but it looks less glamorous on me, and more like "This is what happens when I wake up late and have no time to take a shower". Obviously, this look would be way easier than the other look because it's just a simple pony that is loose. You could also tease your hair to get the look or even curl it and mess it up a little. This would work if you have thin hair like me and want a thicker look, and have the time.

So what would happen if you kind of combined both? Like a hair-wrapped messy pony? You get this....Personally I like the hair-wrapped pony with a tighter pony tail, but it depends on the person, too!

So, here's to hair!


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