Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

I hope you all had an AMAZING Christmas, and are enjoying the sales! I am! I went shopping a little, and did a haul, so PLEASE check out my YouTube Channel!
I also did a makeup tutorial on Katy Perry! Please check out that video! This is how the look turned out....

I have more pictures in the video on YouTube...

but anyhoo...let's get started with how my Christmas went!

On Christmas eve, I had to deliver some presents to my friends, Astraea and Sierra, and then I was off to my sister's for Christmas. We had some snacks and opened presents to Christmas Jingles on the radio. I tried filming, but I had the wrong SD card in my new camera, and it didn't tape audio :( Here are some pictures!

Hangin' out. I was wearing a cute dress from ROSS, a scarf from my friend Astraea, vintage knit sweater, and gray leggings.

My nice, nephew, and dogs.

Christmas tree.

My nephew Landon, acting like Superman.

Playin' around!

My brother Danny and his gift.

Landon and Maddie. Landon holding up his "teck deck".

My Hello Kitty blanket from Danny! I love it!

Maddie's whiteboard :)

Some Presents On Christmas Morning:

My "Elf On A Shelf" I got for Christmas. It's a vintage decoration :)

Hello Kitty slippers!

My Obey jacket from Zumiez. I love the "Day of the Dead" skull on it. It glows in the dark!

I hope you all had a great Christmas, you have a happy new year, and set goals! I will be posting some "top styles" posts hopefully tomorrow and Friday! :)


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