Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Favorite "Fashionable" People of 2010

Since it's New Year's week. Of course I had to do some of my favorite people of 2010. I put quotations around "fashionable" because not all are going to be extremely famous...or fashionable. They aren't all going to be the "typical" fashionistas with completely great style. They won't all be people with completely crazy style though...just ones that kept me interested...(LOL). So, let's get started!

(In no paticular order)...MY FAVORITE "FASHIONABLE" PEOPLE OF 2010

1. Lea Michele from GLEE
So, let's be honest. She is a fashionable one. I never see her in the tabloids that much...but her red carpet style is amazing. There were a few times where people looked down on her, or where she was worst dressed on Fashion Police, but then there were times where she was best. I like this. I loved her style all the time, but the fact that she isn't always seen as perfect, makes her more likeable I think. Like she isn't trying to be perfect, just going with what she likes...I have no idea if she has a stylist telling her what to wear...just my speculation that she is her own person...

...just sayyyiinnn' ;)

2. Nicki Minaj from....WHO KNOWS? ;)
In her videos, I do have to admit, I like her style. I can't explain it. It's just interesting...and sometimes trendy???? I can't wait to try to re-due one of her makeup looks in a tutorial. I know people look down on her and say she is crazy for what she wears. But is she crazy? Or are we just jealous that we don't have the confidence like her to not care...

....OH SNAP. ;)

3. Astraea from...her mother(one of my best friends)
So, I don't really have a lot of pictures to put on of her, due to the fact that I don't stalk her and take pictures of all her outfits...but this girl is on it! She always has something cute, or makes cute outfits. I have no idea where she gets inspiration. Even though she makes me feel like I'm dressed like a hobo sometimes...I still love her :) a friend people...NOT LIKE THAT! ;)

4. Kristina With A K...HEYYYYY
Kristina is a DJ for a really cool radio station..HAALLLLAAAA. I am subscribed to her on her youtube channel and her vlogs are so funny! I really admire this girl! She has such great self confidence, and wants others to have it too. She has great style, but if someone didn't like something she wore..would she care? NO! That's how we all should be! She has never even met me before, but is so nice and encourages me with my blog and YouTube Channel!

Check out this AWESOME vid she made about self-confidence and being B-E-A-UTIFUL!

5. Lady Gaga
Look at the pictures. 'Nough said.

6. What would this post be if I didn't mention Katy Perry? I think you know my love for her. You can tell it's really her and not stylists picking out the outfits. She has say in it. Everything is so her. She also has nail style..LOL. She has helped get "minx" nails so popular!

Yep...Russle Brand...ON HER FINGERS!

So, I think what I've realized is that confidence is fashion too. That's what all these people have. It's something that NEVER goes out of style!

Stay tuned for more fashions of 2010!



  1. This is fun! Of course I think I like number 3 the best! lol

  2. Haha thanks Emilea! And you don't dress like a hobo! You dress cute! :)

  3. LOL Mary, I don't blame you :)
    Astraea, thank you :) Sometimes I feel like I've lost my passion for fashion. Then I look at the clock and reallize why. 6:30am? Who has passion for ANYTHING then?!!!