Thursday, February 10, 2011


About 2 weeks ago, I made one of the most interesting purchases of my life, on one of the most interesting things...

I have seen them before, or shoes like them, in Nordstrom. They were around $80? Yeah, you can tell I walked right by them, but, when I was at Kmart and saw these, not to mention on sale, for $12.99...I did a second glance. I decided I wanted them, and my mom really wanted me to get them considering it's almost spring and I don't have a lot of "springy shoes".

They are by the brand "expressions". Yes, they are a kid's brand, but I can pull them off OK! There are plenty of "adults" that would LOVE to be able to have these in their size! I'm so little, so I can wear kid's sizes. They have pretty stylish things at times!

I was thinking of putting these laces I got at the Dollar

I love putting them with dark jeans...or even light ones for a pop of color. I never use them with things that have too much sparkle already, or with jewelry, though. I just feel that there can be a such thing as "too much sparkle". I can't wait to wear these with jeans in the summer for a casual feel...I mean they pretty much make anything casual...yet more special!

I don't care what anyone says about these shoes, I could never get rid of them and I think they are the life of the party...or my outfit. They seriously sproose out your the post I did on "how to not look like a hobo"...unless it's in style! I could totally dress plain, but these shoes make me feel so...not like a hobo? Oh, and please don't get offended by me using that word :)

Have you ever bought something like this? Like, not just anyone would like them and wear them? As some of my friends would say about some of my stuff..."that's sooo Emilea"! Do you have an item like that? What is it? Leave it in the comments! :)


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