Thursday, February 3, 2011


So I'm finally doing a post about the SAG awards which were last weekend. I find it interesting to do these posts because I get to talk about really high-fashioned things and give my opinions on them. I find it really amazing because it's like the outfits of the celebrities are like school projects and they are waiting to see who gets the best picks are probably the most liked dresses of the night...but HEY! They looked REALLY good!

Hillary Swank in a nude dress. I really love this look because nude can either be done really right or really wrong...this is deffinately...RIGHT! :) The hair makeup and hair alone was also great. Everything fit in well together. If someone hated nude before, one look at this would make them LOVE it!

Mila Kunis in a "firey flames" dress. This is another look that went totally well together. The dress wasn't just one color of red either...but a mixture(hince the fire theme) it went great with her skin tone and I loved her hair too...another all-in-one look!

"Everyday fashion" is more of my passion than high-end, and red carpet looks really meet in the middle for me. I love talking about them and discussing them. I mean, a lot of the celebrities are "role models" as far as style goes....and some just for their confidence of wearing such an...interesting piece. ;) But, I really do like the SAGs the best because it's more casual and anyone could do anything with their hair or makeup. Of course it's never because of the actual awards, only the fashion...;)



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