Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top 5 Trends For Spring

This morning on The View, Clinton Kelly of What Not To Wear on the TLC network was on and talked about the top five trends for spring. This post is all about those, recapping on what Clinton said and giving you cute ideas!

1. White

The key with this one, as Clinton said, was to use "neutral colors" with the white, like the nude jacket above. It gives it a cleaner or sharper look. I say, make a pop with your accessory! In my opinion, either way works. But, please don't make the mistake and wear white leggings! Why do they even sell them?!

2. Blue

Pattern or solid, blue is back, and I'm happy about it! With this, you are going to want to take one color out of the pattern and bring it out in an accessory. Leave the rest neutral. As seen above, she brought out black. I am always doing this but never realizing it. I love how Clinton said it!

3. Floral

It could be actual flowers, or water colored paintings, but floral is here for spring as well. Once again, take one color out in your accessory and leave the rest neutral!

4. Men Fashions For Women

Men for women can be displayed as cropped business pants as Clinton showed it on The View. I couldn't find too many ideas online...but here are some.

5. Shorts

Who wears short shorts? Well, actually, they don't have to be that short. They could even be Bermuda shorts...but they're back! High-wasted shorts are also "in" and I, myself, would like to try some on and see how I like them. Shorts with tights are also a big trend whether you are hot or cold. Vintage trends are really coming out in shorts this year.

I'm so ready for it to be spring...and summer! I hope you all are enjoying your spring break!



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