Monday, May 30, 2011


Last week was the last full week of school for this year, and "homegoing week". Homegoing week is kind of like homecoming week. We have different dress up days each day and have different activities and assemblies going on. One of the days was "80's day"! This was also the only day where my camera was cooperating with me enough for me to get pictures of my outfit! I also did a video with this look and a makeup tutorial for the makeup I did. If you want to see that...go here: is my outfit I picked out!

Do you like my extremely messy room? LOL. So I'm wearing a pink tank top, an old sweatshirt that I cut up and bleached to 80's-fy it, swim shorts, leggings, pink rayband-style sunglasses by Playboy, and later added some gray Converse to my feet.

Crazy makeup!

How did I get my sweatshirt like that? It was a long journey. First I cut the neck and sleeves, and then I balled it up using rubber bands to secure it. Next, we put it in a giant pot with bleach.
Of course we had to run out of bleach and then go to the store to get more after of course trying toilet cleaner. My life is average. LOL

We let it sit all night. Finally, it came out gray. Not exactly what I wanted, but it worked!

So what is your favorite decade? This week I will be dressing up for the 90's for a project. I'll make sure to take pictures and post them!



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